Free Published Online: 23 April 2019
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 145, 1708 (2019);
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  • Stephen G. Onwubiko
  • Tracianne B. Neilsen
In the application of musical acoustics and speech sound, almost any type of Nigerian drum is used for communication. The agreeable successions of tones unlimited to interesting beat-patterns, pitch and rhythms uses shifted accents, non-accented rhythms, syncopations etc. On the daily basis of a watermelon harvesting and trade point, musical acoustics and speech sounds are applied passively in detecting and determining a ripen watermelon; the application of the Nigerian drum beat-pattern, pitch and intonation is an efficient procedure for ripeness detection of watermelon. Depending on how the pitches are lowered or accented, the melon ripeness is detected. The pitch-pattern analysis can be used to measure, determine and correlate the internal ripeness and quality of watermelon with pitch from a Nigerian drum. This method allows identification at a 60.0 % level of efficiency. Hence, the proposed method can reliably detect watermelon ripeness.
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